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From: Ryan Andrews
Subject: College - He Came Out of the Blue Chapter 1 This story is a work of Lolita Boys fiction, adapted from a real-life
situation I've found myself in for the past several months. This story
includes explicit details of sexual acts between Lolita Boys
young adult men. Lolita Boys
If it
is illegal for you to be reading this story, don't read it! This story is dedicated to JCG, the inspiration behind the character of
Carey. He Came Out of the Blue By Ryan Andrews
Last November, I was just cutting my teeth in the world of
gay activism. I created a community for queer news and opinions on a
popular blogging website, combining my gayness with my professional
passion, journalism. I posted advertisements for my community in other
queer communities, sat back, and waited to see if people began to join.About three hours after I posted my appeals and the first article in the
community, the first person joined the community. The site identified my
community's newest member as "swordmansea"...a fellow 19-year-old
living in Seattle, Washington, named Carey Jeffries. I sent Carey a text
message through the site, welcoming him to the community, and added his
AIM screen name -- CareyedAway515 -- to my Buddy List. Another few hours
later, after school, I was surfing the Internet when Carey signed
online. Being that I found him to be attractive, but mostly because I'm
just a friendly person in general, I decided to say hello. Here's our
first conversation, saved for posterity. (My screen name is
Smithereens429.)Smithereens429: Hey.
CareyedAway515: Hello.
CareyedAway515: Who is this?
Smithereens429: I'm Andy, the moderator of the queer news community you
joined this morning.
CareyedAway515: Ohh. Hi! That was such a cool idea for a community. I
hope it has a lot of success.
Smithereens429: Yeah, me too. So, anyways, I saw in your profile that
you live in Seattle.
CareyedAway515: Yup. Lived here all my life.
Smithereens429: Cool. I live just outside of Dallas.
CareyedAway515: Well howdy then. :P
Smithereens429: Oh, hush. :P. I'm from Chicago originally, so I
don't even have the accent...and I DEFINITELY don't say "Howdy."
CareyedAway515: XDDD
CareyedAway515: you have any pics?
Smithereens429: Yeah, what's your e-mail?
CareyedAway515: Just
Smithereens429: Hold on a sec.
Smithereens429: Okay, sent.
CareyedAway515: I'll go look.
CareyedAway515: Awww, you're Lolita Boys
Smithereens429: Um. I think you are too. *blush*
CareyedAway515: Hehe. Aww.
CareyedAway515: Well, I hate to cut this short, but I gotta get ready
for work.
Smithereens429: Oh. Okay. Have fun then. Talk to you later maybe?
CareyedAway515: Sure thing. Let me give you my cell phone number, maybe
you can call me later?
Smithereens429: Alrighty. Mine's 972-555-9312.
CareyedAway515: 206-555-7331.
Smithereens429: Okie dokie. When do you finish work?
CareyedAway515: Call me about 11, okay?
Smithereens429: Okay. Have a good afternoon.
CareyedAway515: You too, sexy.
CareyedAway515 signed off. Let me take a moment to describe Carey and I, so you know a
little bit about us. Carey is 6'4", about 200 pounds, with piercing
blue eyes and light brown hair. He wears glasses, and likes to keep a
little bit of stubble on his face. I am 5'8", about 140 pounds, I have brown hair and eyes,
and I too wear glasses. Lolita Boys I tend to keep my face pretty clean-shaven. So anyways, after Carey signed off, I stared aimlessly at his
picture on my screen for awhile, then got working on a little bit of my
homework. I had a monster history test the following day, so ended up
working pretty diligently on school from mid-afternoon until it was dark
outside. I must've really gotten into my work, because I was Lolita Boys so
distracted that I didn't have any clue who was calling when my cell
phone began vibrating about 11:15. The display said "206-555-7331." I
answered, curious to see who from such an odd area code would be calling
at that hour of the night. "Hello?" Lolita Boys
"Hi, Andy?" The softest, most angelic voice I'd ever
heard was on the other end of my phone. "Umm. Yeah? This is him," I said, still not getting who
it was on the other end of my phone. "Andy...this is Carey." I sat there, holding the phone, looking across my room at the
computer screen that still had Carey's picture on it. "Um...Andy?" "Oh. Yeah. Sorry, Carey. And sorry I didn't call you
before...I've been working on some studying for history." The voice on the other end of the phone soothed me. "Don't
worry, Andy. No biggie, I just was getting a little lonely and wanted to
talk to you." "Aww. Really?" I said. "Yup. I...couldn't stop thinking about you at work
tonight," Carey said, his confidence fading for the first time, replaced
by insecurity and a tinge of self-consciousness. I giggled. "Must've made it HARD to work then." "Oh, just shut up!" Carey said between chuckles. Carey and I spent the better part of the next four hours on
the phone, discussing everything from politics and religion to our first
boyfriends. At one point, I turned over on my bed, and looked at the
clock. "Oh crap Carey, it's after 3 a.m., and I've got an exam
tomorrow morning." "Damn," Carey muttered. "Well, I should let you get to
bed then." "Um...Carey? There's something I want to say to you...but
we've only known each other about a day. I don't know if I should, I
don't want to rush-- "I love you, Andy." Carey interrupted my bumbling
justification with the words I was working up to. Tears formed in my
eyes, and for a moment I couldn't respond. "You there?" Carey asked worriedly. "I love you, Carey. You are really awesome. I just wish
you lived closer." "Me too. I'm so glad I know you," Carey responded. I
could hear Carey's voice choke as he said these words. "Anyway, good night. Talk to you tomorrow?" I asked him. "First thing in the morning. `Night sexy." "G'night cutie," I responded.So there we have it. Chapter 1 is in the books. Looking ahead to
Chapter 2, Carey and Andy tell their friends about their new-found
interest, and the two begin to explore deeper feelings and emotions.
And, after being hurt in long-distance relationships before, Carey must
decide whether Andy is worth risking the pain again.I'll be working on Chapter 2 over the next few days, and hopefully I'll
have it ready by the end of the weekend. E-mail me with comments or plot
suggestions. My e-mail is
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